Different uses of a silicon wristband

Silicone bracelets are fun, trendy, and can be customized to anyone’s liking. They are incredibly versatile, as they can be used for a variety of purposes. To learn about the different ways that silicon bracelets can be used, take a look at the list below.

1.They can be used as concert tickets.

rubberwristbandsHaving paper concert tickets have always been a hassle. They are incredibly easy to lose or destroy, and anyone who suffers from this unfortunate demise have no chance of entering concert grounds even though the tickets have already been paid for. It’s a pain for concert organizers as well, as they have to sort out tedious tasks like printing, scanning and stamping, resulting in long lines. For better efficiency, silicon bracelets should be given upon purchase to serve as concert-goers’ entrance to the concert. That way, they can also roam freely in and out of the event without risking the loss of their ticket or their stamp rubbing off.

2.They can work as a method to differentiate between minors and those who are of legal drinking age.

There are some bars and clubs that check IDs at the door, while others allow minors on their premises but do not serve them alcoholic beverages. For the businesses that fall under the second category, wristbands would be helpful as a way to identify who can be served alcohol and those who cannot. Upon ID check at the door, those that are of a legal drinking age can be given silicon bracelets so bartenders know that it is safe to serve them.

3.Just as above, they can also identify VIPs at a party, event, club, or facility where activities have limited access.

Whether it is at a hotel, a club, a music festival, or even a fitness club, silicone wristbands are extremely handy as it is a simple way to determine the VIPs who have private access to certain privileges, unlike the regular paying customers.

4.Another party use would be to label the designated driver.

Whenever you go out drinking with your friends, you can use it to identify the designated driver so that bartenders know not to serve that particular person any alcoholic drinks. It promotes responsibility.

5.They can work as memorabilia for a private party.

For private parties and functions, the host or planner can customize silicon bracelets that can be handed out as party favors or souvenirs of the event.

6.They can be utilized as a marketing strategy.

There are many local artists that sell wristbands to fans so that they can showcase their support for their music or artwork. Retailers can also use them to promote their brand. They make quite the fashion statement as well.

7.They can also spread awareness for charitable causes.

Charity is one of the most popular purposes of silicon bracelets. Wristbands have been sold to raise money for cancer research, for disaster relief, and general awareness for global issues in the world. They are cost-effective and by far the easiest way for people to show their support.

8.Silicon wristbands work as medical alert devices.

In medical emergencies where the patient cannot be communicated with or not accompanied by a loved one, a bracelet would work well as a medical alert device. It could be customized with a message indicating their allergies (such as penicillin), their disease (like diabetes), or even their religious background that might limit them to certain types of medical services (for example, Jehovah’s Witnesses cannot receive blood transfusions).

9.They also can be used as personal identifiers.

The bracelets can function like dog tags, but instead of wearing them around your neck, they are worn around your wrist as a band. It works in emergencies where people can easily get lost. For children and the elderly, especially those with Alzheimer’s, their wristbands can contain their names and addresses.