Ideas for TaylorMade Golf Clubs for Beginners

A myriad of options is what you’d be facing as soon as you step on one of the stores of TaylorMade. This essentially makes it hard for a beginner to choose which clubs to include in his golf set. And before you even try to pick which ones to buy, you need to be knowledgeable of what would make your golf set complete. It’s not necessary that you get the 1- to 9-irons. In most cases, you may just need to have 7 clubs in your bag. So what exactly would make your golf equipment completely setup?

The first thing you should know about is the woods, and you should have at least three of these before even practicing your swings. These are what you’d likely be hitting with if you’re going to make a swing from the tee. Woods have long shafts with the club heads round. There are the 3- to 7-woods, though you’d certainly be fine with the 3- and 5-wood.

Taylormade golfFor your 3-wood, you might want to start with the TaylorMade golf club called the Burner Tour High-Launching 3-wood. Quite a long name, indeed. But its name is not the only thing you can consider lengthy. It can give an extra few yards to your drivers, which is made possible by the clubhead’s triangular shape. The center of gravity becomes deeper because of this technology, thereby reducing sidespins while keeping shot distances high. It’s also a very forgiving club because of how it makes the golfer feel stable.

After tee off, you’d likely be using a 5-wood, unless you land out of the rough, which is quite unfortunate. With this club, the ball will, more often than not,land softer, which reduces bad rolls. TaylorMade’s V Steel is an excellent choice for a 5-wood as it’s very forgiving for high-handicappers. The clubface, which is 455-steel, will allow you to hit at higher velocities. Its sole is V-shaped, which is meant to put turf resistance to a minimal. This means that you can make your shot with great impact whilst improving shot distance. This V-shape feature also reduces accuracy losses, so your shots will be straighter even if you get mishits.

7- to 11-irons are great to have in your bag, but only if you’re trying to master all possible shots that you can possibly think of. But since you’re not at that level yet, 3 irons should be sufficient. The loft angle differs from iron to iron, and this is determined by the number you can see on the club.

TaylorMade golf irons are very popular because they’re lightweight. Specifically, the TaylorMade Burner 2.0 has been the choice for many beginners, as well as mid and low-handicappers, because aside from the club being very forgiving, it is also featured with a white groove, which can easily be found on the clubface’s bottom part. This makes alignment fairly easy.

A good mid-iron from TaylorMade is their RocketBladez 6 iron. This boasts the speed pocket technology, which is a small cavity in the club head that allows for better shot distances, which beginners would easily find enticing. Consistency is made easier with that 17.5 g weight low in its shaft.

For your wedge, the ATV 52 would most likely be ideal, simply because of how versatile this TaylorMade golf club is. This single wedge may be all you need as a novice golfer, which saves you a lot since you’re still trying to figure out your ideal posture.

As for the putter, you might easily find the Daddy Long Legs the perfect club for putting. The design of its clubface makes off-center shots travel at similar speeds. With a longer- and heavier-than-usual shaft, this makes for the perfect TaylorMade golf putter.